Women in Vector Control – CRID at PAMCA 2019

With the evolution of science and the need to intensify the fight against vector-borne diseases, more women have risen to contribute in vector control. To mark its 6th Annual Conference, the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) organised an all Women in Vector Control Workshop in prelude to the conference during which four of CRID’s female scientists and PHD students were active participated.

PHD student Mersimine KOUAMA contributing at WIVC workshop

Speaking about challenges women in science also encounter which makes their contribution to vector control challenging, Dr. Huguette SIMO highlights that it is very common in the African culture for women to be retrograde as secondary contributors to development which makes it hard for them to rise to decision making positions in the fight against vector borne diseases.

One of the most prevalent factors hindering women in vector control is sexual harassment as Dr. SIMO puts it,

DR. Huguette SIMO contributing at the WIVC workshop

“Sexual harassment hinders women from performing highly at work and to some extent, it accounts for why some women resign from work, making their research efforts futile”

Panel discussion with Prof. Rose LEKE

From group discussions to opinion pieces, female scientist and PHD students from CRID revealed to have tapped from the vast network of senior female scientists such Prof Rose LEKE amongst others who shared their stories in the journey of finding solutions to vector-borne diseases. To them, the workshop was a great learning and preparation moment for the following years as women in science.

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