Dakar, Senegal, April 14 – 20, 2018

The International Conference Center, Abdou Diouf (CICAD) hosted the 7th Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) Pan African conference, from 14th to 20th of April 2018. In attendance for the opening ceremony was His Excellency the president of Senegal, Macky SALL and over 1000 participants among which were distinguished researchers, students and journalists from across African countries.

Organized every four years, MIM offers perfect platform for all participants to discuss their innovative research in malaria intervention and opportunity to show case their outstanding discoveries.

The main objectives for this year’s conference were:

  • Review MIM’s contributions, for the past 20 years, to the global goal of ending malaria in Africa and better address current malaria research and control priorities;

  • Give opportunity to leading and emerging malaria researchers to present their research exploits, share experiences and novel ideas as well as establish new research collaborations;

  • Give opportunity to young African scientists to interact with malaria research experts;

  • Identify ways to strengthen and sustain the research capacity in malaria endemic countries of Africa in order to eliminate malaria prevalence in these countries.

The conference was a 5-day intensive meeting which included an opening ceremony, plenary sessions, scientific sessions, turbo talk, symposiums, a gala night on day three and a closing ceremony on the 5th day. Scientific activities included oral presentations and poster sessions. Oral presentations were divided into ten thematic sessions: control and elimination, vector biology, health system, diagnostics and reagents, integrated vector management, parasites and system biology, surveillance, phytomedicines, immunology and pharmacology. Each session included plenary sessions, symposiums and standard presentations.

CRID was fully represented at the conference and the image of the institution was enhanced with the three oral presentations and one poster presented at the conference. Some of the presentations are:

Dr. Charles WONDJI – The Executive Director of the CRID

Integrating phenotypic and genomic approaches to identify and combat impacts of insecticide resistance. His presentation titled Design of single DNA-based diagnostic assay for P450-mediated resistance shows that metabolic resistance is reducing bed net efficacy followed those of Catherine MOYES, Jackie COOK and David WEETMAN.

Magellan TCHOUAKUI – PhD Student

The Fitness cost of L119F-GSTe2 metabolic resistance on the vectorial capacity of Anopheles funestus (field populations) major African malaria vector (oral presentation)

Leon Mugenzi – PhD Student

Investigating the molecular basis of transcriptional regulation of CYP6P9a, a major pyrethroid resistance gene in the malaria vector, Anopheles funestus s.s (oral presentation)

Benjamin Menze DJANTIO – PhD Student

Effect of L119F-GSTe2 metabolic resistance on the efficacy of the bednets (poster presentation)

This conference was a very good opportunity for Ph.D students and young researchers to present their research work, share experiences, tap into novel ideas and establish new research collaborations by interacting with malaria research experts. Such conferences like this also allow participants a truly enriching experience, which typified previous MIM conferences in terms of scientific content, exhibitions on display and social events. All these experiences are to the benefic of Cameroon and all other African countries.

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