Yaoundé, March 08, 2018

On the occasion of the celebration of the 33rd edition of International Women’s Day, the CRID staff met for an educational talk for young science girls.

This other edition of Women’s Day was devoted to “intensifying the fight against discrimination against women, strengthening partnership to accelerate sustainable development”. It is by following the logic of this theme that the CRID has chosen to discuss on “How to help the young scientist lady to effectively reconcile social, family, professional life”. The goal is to help the young scientist to have the necessary weapons to be able as far as possible to achieve his objectives in each of these areas of his life. Indeed, the reality is that the world of scientific research is both innovative and competitive at the same time and implicitly requires those who officiate to work doubly to hope to stay abreast of the news of research. Another reality is that natural conditions make women often less invested in work than their male colleagues, because of these stereotypes that want the world of science to be reserved for men.

These moments of exchange allowed the various participants of this day to bring to the scientific women of the CRID, tricks to be able to work in order to be effective in the scientific world. They have been encouraged to do more because they have the same abilities as men. They were also encouraged to set goals and stick to them. Another intervention asked young scientists to take inspiration from these women who have excelled in scientific research around the world.

The moderator of the day finally tried to share her personal experience with the girls to tell them that although it is not obvious from the outset, it is possible for a woman, with the organization to practice in the world of research.

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), less than 30% of researchers in the world are women. The challenge is therefore for the young scientist in general and for that of the CRID in particular to work so as to remain competitive and to overcome this other observation that women scientists abandon their careers before its term.

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