Dengue talks with Rhoel Dinglasan at CRID

Upon the invitation of CRID’s expert in Arbovirus related diseaes Dr. Basil Kamgang, Professor at the University of Florida, USA and Director CDC Southeastern Regional Center of Excellence for Vector Borne Diseases, Dinglasan, delivers a talk to scientists and PhD students at CRID on the topic “Silent dengue virus infections in natural populations of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes” case study Florida, USA

As Prof Rhoel reveals, this is his first time in visiting CRID and he looks forward to a long term collaboration which will help deepen his research on arboviruses and other vector-borne diseases. His one-on-one talk with researchers at CRID breeds the possibility to write collaborative grants on topics related to Arbovirus and malaria.

I hope to initiate collaboration with CRID not only for arboviruses but also malaria which is my primary research programme” says Prof Rhoel

The science talk was also an opportunity for PhD students at CRID to gain hands-on expertise knowledge on the dynamics of dengue virus in Florida which is an environment different from the tropics.

It was a great and enriching learning experience, more so because it is different from my PhD project. It was great to see things from the USA perspective different from the African environment we’ve been working on. I very much appreciate that he is offering collaboration with CRID, this means it will facilitate exchanges” says PhD student Amelie Wamba.

At the end of the talk, the Prof spent more time attending to the students one after the other with questions regarding his work.

It was a great experience for me seeing that I am working on the same field. It gave me new ideas on how to maximise my research and come up with innovative ways of fighting arboviruses” Phd student Theodel reveals.

As an excellent research centre in Central Africa, CRID remains collaboration and partnership friendly to further find solutions to infectious diseases in the tropics.

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