“CRID is well organised…” Says PMI Entomologist Jenny Carlson

USA based Entomologist with the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Vectorlink project Jenny Carlson visits and tours the research facility of CRID, Cameroon, Thursday October 3, 2019.

Accompanied by a team of scientists at CRID and the Chief of Party of Vectorlink project in Cameroon Dr. Etienne Fondjo, the Executive Director of CRID Prof Charles Wondji led her from viewing posters and publications, to a detailed tour of the molecular biology laboratory, to a well-equipped Insectary hosting varied species of lab strains and interacting with every Principal Investigator and PHD student.

Molecular Biology Lab tour

At the end of her tour, our guest applauds CRID for its sense of excellence and dedication to finding lasting solutions in the fight against infectious diseases.

There is a lot of work going on here and it is so organised. I am indeed impressed. I look forward to following more exploits from CRID. And hopefully, working with Vectorlink and Dr. Fondjo, we will provide more support to CRID in the future” says Jenny Carlson

Jenny Carlson, Prof Wondji and Dr Fondjo in CRID’s lab

She has visited the lab and seen its great potentials. I am sure Jenny will carry this message wherever she goes. And together we can support CRID in helping eliminate malaria in Africa” Dr. Fondjo adds.

According to Prof Charles Wondji, CRID has the right expertise for vector control which has been developed over time and is still being perfected and the willingness to contribute more is pertinent.

It is worthy to note that, CRID provides an excellent research environment for other National Malaria Control Programmes to analyse their samples in its laboratory. CRID and Abt associates have recently established a partnership in which CRID has been tasked to analyse all the samples from the Vectorlink project in Cameroon to better inform vector control initiatives nation-wide.

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