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  • Exploring insecticide resistance mechanisms in three major malaria vectors from Bangui in Central African Republic; Kamgang Basile,Williams Tchapga,Carine Ngoagouni,Claire Sangbakembi-Ngounou,Murielle Wondji,Jacob Riveron,Charles Wondji.

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  • Bionomics and insecticides resistance profiling of malaria vectors at a selected site for experimental hut trials in central Cameroon Benjamin D. MenzeMurielle J. Wondji,William Tchapga,Micareme Tchoupo,Jacob M. Riveron andCharles S. Wondji.

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  • The Rapid Degradation of Lambda-Cyhalothrin Makes Treated Vegetables Relatively Safe for Consumption; Rousseau Djouaka, Murielle Farrelle Soglo,,* Michael Olugbenga Kusimo, Razack Adéoti,Armand Talom,Francis Zeukeng,Armand Paraïso, Victor Afari-Sefa,May-Guri Saethre,Victor Manyong,Manuele Tamò,Jeff Waage, Jo Lines, and George Mahuku.

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  • Geographical distribution of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) and genetic diversity of invading population of Ae. albopictus in the Republic of the Congo; Basile Kamgang, Theodel A. Wilson-Bahun, Helen Irving, Michael O. Kusimo, Arsene Lenga, Charles S. Wondji.

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  • Panayiota Kotsakiozi Benjamin R. Evans Andrea Gloria‐Soria Basile Kamgang Martin Mayanja Julius Lutwama Gilbert Le Goff Diego Ayala Christophe Paupy Athanase Badolo Joao Pinto Carla A. Sousa Arlete D. Troco Jeffrey R. Powell. Population structure of a vector of human diseases: Aedes aegypti in its ancestral range, Africa

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  • David Weetman, Basile Kamgang, Athanase Badolo, Catherine L. Moyes, Freya M. Shearer, Mamadou Coulibaly, João Pinto, Louis Lambrechts and Philip J. McCall ,Aedes Mosquitoes and Aedes-Borne Arboviruses in Africa: Current and Future Threats.

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